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The Foundation’s activities

The protection of public health and wellbeing stems from a virtuous system in which basic, clinical and pre-clinical research is directly linked to industry, creating a synergy between the individual players along the whole value chain, in which innovation, scientific collaboration and professional skills are essential.

Fondazione ENEA Tech e Biomedical is at the core of this system, supporting investments and initiatives for the creation of a network of new-concept biocentres, consisting of a network of research and testing laboratories, universities, biotechnology companies, enterprises and support infrastructures. Moreover, the Foundation also supports business projects with investments in start-ups, spin-offs with high-growth potential, and projects promoted by SMEs, leveraging on both  the Technology Transfer Fund and the Biomedical Industrial Development Fund.

The Foundation intervenes both as a sole-investor and in co-investment with companies, institutional or private funds, organizations and institutions. Furthermore, one of the Foundations’ objectives is to contribute to attracting foreign investments aimed at the localization in Italy of investments in innovative research and development projects. The strategy is completed with the support and promotion of initiatives for the training of highly qualified profiles, bridging the gap between demand and supply of skills along the whole value chain.

Creation of Innovative Hubs

To promote the creation of an integrated ecosystem of biomedical research and development poles in Italy, preparatory to and in support of the development of new drugs, diagnostic systems and precision medicine, with the aim of enhancing and giving continuity to academic, basic and pre-clinical research through to industrial production, in order to strengthen the response to public health emergencies, as well as national security in terms of production autonomy.

In this way, the Foundation positions itself between academic research and industry by creating a link between them, with the aim of fostering innovation.

Supporting business projects

Through different kinds of participation, the Foundation supports enterprise projects, provided that these are able to bring clear benefits to the country system. Within the scope of the Technology Transfer Fund, this mission translates into supporting SMEs and start-ups operating in the green and circular economy, information technology, agri-tech and deep tech sectors.

With regard to the Biomedical Research and Industrial Development Fund, the strategy is complemented by investments to support industrial projects aimed at the drugs production in Italy, vaccines or products for diagnostics and medical devices.

Initiatives to promote Italy's attractiveness

Promoting and participating in investment initiatives in Italy in advanced research and production, in order to support the decision to locate important innovative research and production facilities in the biomedical sector in Italy. The Foundation aims at contributing to the attraction of investments from abroad for the localization in Italy of innovative research and development projects.

Support and enhance research

The Foundation aims to support and promote initiatives for the training of highly qualified profiles, in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of skills along the whole supply chain of this sector. The initiatives will involve associative partners, companies and universities.