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Introduce an initiative

Direct submission of project initiatives


Instructions and target audience of the section

This section is dedicated to the direct submission of projects, aimed at the evaluation of investment by Fondazione ENEA Tech e Biomedical, that are not addressed by any other procedure published by the Foundation within the “Call to action” page of the website and still open.

The proposals may be submitted by already established companies, companies in the process of being established, or legal entities such as Foundations, Universities, Research Centers, public-private partnerships, company networks or company networks in the process of being established. The proposals must be consistent with the purposes and goals defined in the Foundation’s Statute.

The interest of Fondazione ENEA Tech e Biomedical in the proposals will be evaluated according to the following characteristics:

  • Innovativeness of the Project, meaning technological, service, product, process or business model innovation when compared to the state of the art scenario, together with the disruption it may generate;
  • Sustainability, meaning economic and financial sustainability, demonstrability of the hypotheses/assumptions underlying the business plan, evidence of the cost-benefit analysis model, suitability and consistency of the financial requirements with the planned activities and timing of exit.
  • Adherence to the Foundation’s strategic goals and objectives as set out in the Statute.
  • To formalize the proposal it is required to fill in ALL the fields of the Form accessible on this page.

    You will receive a receipt confirmation of the spontaneous application. In case of any interest, Fondazione ENEA Tech e Biomedical will reach you out within 60 days of submission for any further investigation.


    Direct submission of project initiative

    Applicants are invited to enter information strictly related to the project, avoiding unnecessary personal data