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The Foundation promotes investments in several different ways:

  • By combining its own resources with the resources of the “Technology Transfer Fund” and the “Biomedical Research and Industrial Development Fund”

  • By coordinating the investments or directly co-investing alongside with private companies, institutional or private investment funds, Italian and foreign public entities

    Through European Union resources

In particular, ENEA Tech e Biomedical, in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development:
  • Fosters economic development and competitiveness of the Italian biomedical industrial sector, by supporting research, development and industrial reconversion
  • Supports the development of high tech start-up and innovative SMEs in the green and circular economy, information technology, agri-tech and deep-tech sectors
  • The final goals are:

  • Improving the national ability to manage health emergencies
  • Improving the national security by meeting strategic production need of drugs, medications and vaccines able to cope with present and future health emergencies, including but not limited to epidemics, pandemics, genetic diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, and neoplastic diseases
  • Encourage the development of a strong and innovative pharmaceutical industry at national level.